How Corporate Crime Can Damage Your Business

Building a brand takes years. You have to earn the trust of your customers, demonstrate that you offer a high quality  product or service and work very hard. Here are a few ways to make sure you keep it that way:

Trust is a massive factor when it comes to business

When a client chooses to give their business to your company, they are expecting a certain level of service and trusting you to deliver it. In some cases they will be trusting you with their money and their personal information so they want to know you are reputable. If you have ever had a bad experience with a shop or firm, you will probably never do business with them again. Once a customer loses faith it is difficult if not impossible to get it back. As such, it is important for your business to maintain a good reputation.

However, in this day and age anything is possible. If you, or any member of your company, is accused of a corporate or “white collar” crime, it can destroy everything you have worked for. Whether you are guilty or not, most clients will be reluctant to do business with you again, especially new clients who do not know your character.

So what is white collar crime? 

We hear it in the news all the time, crimes like forgery, embezzlement and extortion are used so often we hardly pay attention anymore. These are serious crimes and not something you every want your or your employees to be accused of. Anyone entrusting their money to you, or allowing you access to their life and personal records, will find it of grave concern.

Businesses are accused of other crimes too. Crimes like mistreating staff by not paying them properly or making them work in unsafe or unsanitary conditions. Any of these offenses can find you losing customers, business partners and even employees. As you know, your employees are what keep your business afloat and allow you to do what you do. If your company is seen as one who mistreats its loyal followers, clients today will choose to walk away. Customers often boycott businesses if they find out they are even possibly mistreating their staff.

Keep your business safe

Obviously, for yourself, it is imperative that you run your business in an honest and straightforward manner. Do what is right for your customers every time and you will find yourself running a good business. In addition to that, it is critical you know what your staff and key players are doing inside your company too. As a leader or owner, it is important you know what is going on. Put procedures in place, with methods of checking and double checking, and make sure you are keeping your staff honest.

If you are currently running programs that are unsafe for your employees, you will want to remedy that immediately as well.

What to do if your business is accused?

If your business is ever accused of a white collar crime, do take it seriously. You have worked hard to build your company it is not worth letting legal action destroy it. Contact a qualified attorney for advice and if necessary representation. It could be the difference between being prosecuted and clearing the good name of your business.

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