Get Ready For Tax Season

Several of the enhanced deductions available to business owners and the self-employed have to do with the purchase and depreciation of assets.


Successful Entrepreneurs Are ‘B’ Students

B-students don’t know everything about anything and are excellent at nothing.


Getting Your Product Onto Retail Shelves

Chossek went to Gelson’s Santa Barbara location late one night when things were slow and buttonholed the produce manager, who then connected him with the produce buyer.

The “Magic Sauce” Behind Business Success

If the best indicator of a country’s growth is the number of new firms started every year, as Kauffman Foundation research indicates, how do we get more companies to start and grow?


Are You Using Social Media Wisely?

By incorporating social media into your marketing plan you can speak to current customers more often and broaden your customer reach.


Avoiding A Tax Audit

Consider using tax software or a tax professional to complete your tax return.


Working Smarter Not Harder

Prioritize your to-do list- Workers can increase productivity by prioritizing tasks based on what needs to be done and what can wait.


Security: Invest In Your Staff

“The best return is on your employees,” said Black Hat founder Jeff Moss.


Still Small? Don’t Grow Too Fast

Small businesses can be nimble and can react quickly to customer needs and changes in the market.


Perform An SEO Quick Check On Your Biz Website

First things first – perform a “clean” search on your company name.

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