Think Like a Consultant

photo credit: Marcin Wichary

Today there are many businesses big and small who are in need of some advice and help in several different sectors of their company.


Improve Your Listening Skills

In the business world, it pays to listen and know how to ask the right questions.


Artist Transitions Into Auto Repair

Surround yourself with what you are passionate about

The strength of your business resolve is tied to your passion for what you do.


Niche Biz: ‘Butler/Maid-For-A-Day’ Service

As a fun gift alternative, hiring a butler or maid for a day can be a thoughtful and surprising way to reward someone whose home duties are normally fairly demanding.


Lobster, Crate To Plate

They just launched Crate to Plate, modeled after Community Supported Agriculture and Community Supported Fisheries programs, in which consumers buy a share of the farm or a boat before the season and receive the harvest for several months.


Use The ‘Puppy-Dog Close’

Take the so-called puppy-dog close, one of the most powerful sales techniques ever invented (and it’s totally based on customer experience).


Do You Need Investors?

Sales are strong – too strong.


6 Ways To Attract Customers And Keep Them Coming Back

No matter what area of business you are in, if you don’t have customers than your business will eventually fail.

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