Find Ten People Who’ll Buy

I recently reviewed hundreds of startup pitches at Capital Factory, an early stage accelerator program for tech startups.

Find Opportunities, Not Ideas

Every founder who’s been in the game a few years has clouds of potential ideas floating around that they can’t find the time to work on.


Million Dollar Mistakes

Don’t make wildly optimistic sales forecasts.


Getting Started With Grant Proposals

The difficulty in applying for a grant is knowing where to start.


How Healthy Is Your Small Business?



Inventors, Pick Your Industry

Nothing beats “mailbox money” when it comes to boosting your bottom line.


Advice From The Man Behind DNS

Lesson 1: Simplicity is key

Lesson 2: Have a plan you can actually explain

Lesson 3: Plan for extension

Visit here for a full explanation of each lesson.


Selling Quirky Products To Retailers

Laura Silverthorn is the founder of Mother Ink, they make temporary tattoos for expectant mothers.


Think Like a Consultant

photo credit: Marcin Wichary

Today there are many businesses big and small who are in need of some advice and help in several different sectors of their company.