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Hologram Bracelets Are Wristy Biz

Power Balance declined to give sales figures, but EFX said it has sold more than 2 million products.

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Making A Buck Off The Prez

Accidental Ad Campaign Weatherproof found a vein of gold in the decision of Obama to use a jacket of the firm during its recent trip to China this past November and placed the ad in a highly visible place.


How Important Is The Celebrity Effect?

The trend of the celebrity entrepreneur and investor has been under way for some time; everyone from Ashton Kutcher to Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio have been dipping into their bank accounts to help finance start-ups.


$11 Million Christmas Tree

Christmas tree decked out with dollars 11 million U.S.


Profiting From WikiLeaks

Since WikiLeaks hit the headlines, vendors have been uploading new Assange- and state-secrets-themed products daily to Zazzle.com, an e-commerce site based in San Jose, California.


Profits In Catchphrases

Mayor Michael R.


Inside Kevin Smith’s Booming Podcast Biz

The only thing that overshadowed the dreadful reviews for his action comedy Cop Out was his much-headlined booting from a flight for being too fat.


Life Lessons From Richard Branson

Ridiculous yachts and private planes and big limousines won’t make people enjoy life more.” I suppose we all know deep down that money won’t make us happy.


Madonna The Entrepreneur

Our goal is to create an environment inspired by Madonna’s vision and high standards of what the ideal gym would be,” said Mark Mastrov, chairman of New Evolution Ventures (NEV), which is launching the clubs in partnership with the Material Girl and her manager Guy Oseary.


Oprah Names Her Favorite IPad Apps

Oprah’s a big fan of the iPad — she gave all her magazine staffers one earlier this year — and she’s spent a fair amount of time finding her favorites among the vast iTunes app store.

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