Device ‘Lends A Hand’ To People In Need

Lend-A-Hand is the FIRST and ONLY universal assistant device.


App Helps Inventor Communicate With Disabled Son

Not one for letting technological barriers get in the way of his son’s health, an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Wake Forest University named Paul Pauca invented a communication app called Verbal Victor.


Accessories For iPad Users With Disabilities

The assistive devices started really by accident.

Braille Meets Touchscreen With Free App

In an app coming to the market relatively soon for both iPhone and Android, Georgia Tech researchers have reduced the price of realistically typing Braille on a smartphone from $1700 plus the cost of the phone to essentially free.


Cool Invention: Portable Braille Translator

The mouse-shaped device scans any text, identifies the characters using optical character recognition technology and converts them into Braille on its surface, enabling the visually impaired to read any printed material, without waiting for its Braille edition to be published.


Disability Shouldn’t Stop You Being An Entrepreneur

Looking after her two young sons by day, and working by night, she wrote in her lounge, often sleeping on the sofa when the MS stopped her getting up the stairs.


Disabled Vets Head To Business Boot Camp

Earlier this month he joined 19 other disabled veterans at a eight-day crash course in entrepreneurship.


Mompreneur Starts Tech Company To Help Kids With Disabilities

Margaret Ellis talks expressively and laughs often about her work and family, two parts of her life intertwined.


Disabled Adults Seek Their Own Businesses

More mentally and physically challenged adults are looking to entrepreneurship as they get closed out of an exceptionally competitive job market, according to several organizations that help the disabled, including Community Options Inc., a nonprofit based in Princeton, N.J.


Can A Ball Help Kids Learn Braille?

Imagine if you could pick up Braille just by playing with a ball.

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