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Niche Biz: Earthquake Solutions

“I’ve been interested in natural disasters since childhood,” Kelcy said.

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Hand Turn Signals For Cyclists

O’Neal calls the device the “YouTurn.” It’s a glove worn by the cyclist on which an arrow lights up showing which way the biker intends to turn.


Niche Product: The Rescue Reel

The device, called Rescue Reel, will retail for around $2,000.


The Next Noah’s Ark

After the March 11 disaster, which devastated a wide swathe of Japan’s northeastern coast and left 20,000 dead or presumed dead, Tanaka decided to create a personal flotation device that could survive both an earthquake and the tsunami that might follow.


Password Protecting Your Business & Life

SplashData created the rankings based on millions of stolen passwords posted online by hackers.


Flame Retardant May Prevent Homes From Burning

“This would be acting as the trees, the forest, the wood on your home.


ATM Distress Codes

Zingher is trying to get banks to install it.


OnGard Guards Against Lint Fires

How it Works
The unit is mounted to the wall near the dryer and the tubing is fed through an existing opening in the back of the dryer.


The Key To Medicine Safety

Boccia said the general public is beginning to be aware of the prescription-drug-abuse problem, but he said MedSafe is working closely with DARE, Drug Free America Foundation and other anti-drug organizations.

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