Please Sir, Don’t Kill My Dream

They wanted to support a little 7-year-old to earn a little extra summer loot,” her mom said.


Barber Launches Shaving School

Shaving knowledge and technique is not instinctive, all men need to learn the art and unfortunately many learn it badly”.


Skillshare: Anyone Can Be a Teacher

There aren’t many legal ways to make $1,000 in one night.


Teacher’s Invention Finds Unexpected Uses

The Yacker Tracker has been put to use in hospitals, city council chambers, and is even being used in Australia as a safety device in mines.


Learn To Make Video Games

The program features video tutorials and game-ready resources, letting anyone quickly create decent-looking games.


Can A Ball Help Kids Learn Braille?

Imagine if you could pick up Braille just by playing with a ball.

Why We Should Train Kids To Be Entrepreneurs

Cameron Herold, the Backpocket COO, explains why we should encourage kids to be entrepreneurs.


An Internet Sensation And Making Money, Too

And this isn’t just a hobby.


Imagine Tomorrow Computer Classes For Kids

During class, children become Computer Detectives on a learning adventure to imaginative places such as the Email Trail or Internet Island.


Grow Your Biz By Teaching Others Your Biz

Again and again, she heard from business owners who needed copywriting services, but who didn’t have the money or inclination to hire someone to provide them, according to a story at Entrepreneur.

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