Better Voicemail

Strategize: “Working Smart has a great post on how to create a template for your voicemail so that you can update your outgoing message every day. ”

Though the voicemail template sounds more like that of a corporate drone, hopefully it’ll inspire you to create your own daily greeting.

Here’s the template:

Hi, you’ve reached the voice mailbox of Mike Hyatt. Please note you can bypass this message at any time by pressing “1”. Today is [day of week], [date].

  • I am in the office, but I’m either on my phone or away from my desk;
  • I am in the office but will be in meetings all day;
  • I am out of the office on business; or
  • I am out of the office on vacation.

However, your call is very important to me. If you will leave a message, I will call you back at my first opportunity. If you need immediate assistance, press press zero-pound to speak to my assistant, Vicki Parr. Thanks for calling.

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