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Colbert/Ball Tax Service was founded by Al Colbert and Ja Ja Ball in January 1995 while they were seniors in college. With an unsecured job market, they decided not to try to predict the future. They would create it!

Colbert/Ball Tax Service understands that when a customer comes to them for service, they are in need of a trained professional to assist them in getting their income tax return in a fast and efficient manner. From the moment a customer initially calls, to the time they leave their offices, they believe it should be a wonderful experience to have come to Colbert/Ball Tax Service to have their taxes processed.

Colbert/Ball Tax Service provides tax preparation services for federal and state tax returns for individuals and small businesses. At CBTS we focus on electronic filing of tax returns and the ability to secure quick refunds through Refund Anticipation Loans (RALS), generally within 24 hours.

Colbert/Ball Tax Service is in the business of providing opportunities for people to own their businesses. This is an exciting time for entrepreneurs. The tax preparation industry is recession-proof and is growing every year. Over 130 million individual tax returns were filed for tax season 2001. The I.R.S. has a mandate to make 80% of all tax returns filed electronically by the year 2007. We are a company on the rise. If you choose to become a part of our franchise opportunities, you will join a system that is filled with some of the most experienced tax, software, marketing, training and operations people in the industry. Why the tax industry? The tax preparation industry has been dominated for nearly 40 years by one major player, H&R Block, over 40 million people filed their returns electronically for 2001, and more for 2002, the tax preparation industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, the IRS projects that over 80% of the nation will file electronically by 2007, the tax industry is recession-proof and a necessity, fifty-seven percent of taxpayers paid a tax preparer to complete their taxes for 2001, and fifty-nine percent for 2002. Why Franchise With Colbert/Ball Tax Service? Owners and key management have over 20 years of combined experience in the tax industry, they have developed a proven turnkey operating system for your success, businesses that franchise have an 80% more success rate than businesses in the same industry that don’t franchise, they give complete training and consultation; no prior tax experience is needed, they help hand select the right location for you to set up with our extensive market knowledge and industry experience they help put in the best area with the more potential to succeed, they give full technical and tax support throughout tax season-You are never alone, low startup cost with unlimited territories available in your area. Their franchise fee is only $5,000 with an $11,000 to $20,000 total investment, only a 4-month business with 12-month income potential $80,000 net annually is the national average for a matured office.

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Colbert/Ball Tax Service

2616 S. Loop W. #110

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Fax: 713-395-1606

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