Must Read AGLOCO Update

For those of you that haven’t heard, AGLOCO is the worlds first global economic network designed to pay advertising revenue to it’s members.

Think Google Adsense meets Network Marketing.

  • You download the viewbar (coming in March) and use the Internet as usual. AGLOCO then credits your account for the first 5 hours a month that you view the Internet with the bar open.
  • Refer other members and AGLOCO will give you credit for those members (and the members they refer down 5 levels).

As a community, we pluck off a nice share of the Internet advertising and we all benefit.

You can start your own AGLOCO Network here.

Here is my AGLOCO Network update:

Direct Refferals: 61 (up 9 since last update – Feb. 6th)

Extended Refferals: 239 (up 109 since last update – Feb. 6th)

Total in Network: 300 (up 118 since last update – Feb. 6th)

My AGLOCO network ranks in the top 0.92%.

AGLOCO will be 100% owned by the network and will issue shares of the company to those that refer others. If AGLOCO went public today at $20 per share, my shares would be worth over $6,000, up $2,400 since my last update (Feb. 6th).

Start your own Agloco Network Here. (it’s free)

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