The Wall Street Journal:

It’s not the nicest thing to do. But for small-business owners who are having difficulty collecting receivables from their customers, especially in this tight business climate, this is an extreme option that just might work.

They’re turning to a complaint-and-resolution Web site called, which seeks to make nonpaying customers or businesses aware of their lapsed accounts. Many of these businesses have already gone through the proper channels to collect their bills, even lawsuits, but are still unable to get paid, the Web site claims.

When complaints are posted, the Web site generates an email to the accused or sends a postcard via snail mail, telling them that they’ve been added to the “Deadbeat List.”

The idea of tearing down the reputation of a business isn’t new. But with more customers of these businesses researching the companies online, this could be a powerful tactic to reverse a bad business practice.

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