Black Belt Investor Begins Franchise Sales

Black Belt Investor, a fast-growing coaching program in the area of real estate investing based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has begun selling franchises to accelerate growth.

Black Belt Investor provides for its clients a “Done For Them” local coaching program in the area of real estate investing. Products and services include basic and advanced on-going training, coaching, mastermind products, and services designed to help the investing student increase his/her wealth through the learning of creative real estate investing. It also allows the franchisee to focus on wholesaling of residential properties, and buying and holding commercial properties for long-term cash flow and equity.

“We have an excellent franchise opportunity…this is not the ‘get rich quick in real estate’ you see in TV infomercials.” said President, Terry Bryan. Black Belt Investor offers 2 types of franchises, an Individual Franchise and a Regional Developer Franchise. Franchisees will benefit from established sources, extensive experience, financing sources and availability, financial services available from affiliate companies, knowledge of the financial services industry, advertising and marketing programs, and an established name. The Black Belt Investor Franchise is designed mainly to be operated out of a home office, a leased or owned facility initially, with the long-term goal of buying a commercial building for their operation within 12-18 months.

Logo from Black Belt Investor.

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