Local Owners Try Out Frozen-Yogurt Trend

AZ Central.com:

Eager trendsters in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago regularly line up for a taste – or as some have called it, a fix – of their favorite new treat: fro-yo.

It’s frozen yogurt, back with a slimmed-down calorie count, a bright new taste and the chic new nickname.

A concept imported from South Korea, fro-yo is more tart (some say sour) than the frozen yogurt dished up as pseudo-ice cream more than a decade ago, and it’s now served in bright, contemporary cafes (think Starbucks as dessert cafe).

The great debate among fans is whether Pinkberry or Red Mango is the ultimate sensational taste.
Pinkberry is a Californian store that’s expanded rapidly on both coasts and the Midwest.

Red Mango, based in South Korea, is the original and has locations in almost all the same places Pinkberry has.

But to date, metro Phoenix has not seen either chain open up here.

That has left the field wide open for several local entrepreneurs who think they know a good thing when they taste it.

A couple of these new business owners are hopeful their ideas will turn into franchises with national outlets. Read more.

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