Scooter’s Coffeehouse To Open In Kearney This Week

Omaha World-Herald:

The Omaha-based chain Scooter’s Coffeehouse is opening the first of its two new stores in Kearney this week.

Scooter’s will open its downtown store at 2400 Central Ave. on Saturday and plans to open a north Kearney drive-through Oct. 18.

Cafi Savant and Barista’s Daily Grind previously did business at the locations.

“We are excited to get open,” said owner Don Eckles of Omaha, who also is the company’s founder. “Things have moved a bit faster than expected. With Starbucks closing, we were able to hire a lot of those employees and get our staffing in place.”

Scooter’s Coffeehouse opened its first store in Bellevue in 1998 and began franchising in 2001. The Omaha-based company has 64 stores open across the Midwest and another 25 in development, Eckles said.

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