Market Watch:

Her friends may call her “Shell” but you won’t find T-Ball mom Michelle Zafiropoulos lounging by the seaside as she launches, a website of products supporting Governor Sarah Palin and her quest to become the first female Vice President in American history.

“So as a strong, successful ‘T-ball mom’ myself I decided to get involved and show my support in her effort to break the last and thickest glass ceiling in America,” says Zafiropoulos.

The website carries several colors of “lipstick for pit bulls”, “Sarahcuda Lip balm” for men who want to show support for the Governor, plus a line of staples such as t-shirts, hats and bumper stickers.

Although the effort is commercial, it isn’t entirely capitalist motivated; a percentage of gross sales are being donated to, a charity that bundles care packages and sends them to soldiers serving in Iraq. “Sarah wants to see our service men and women victorious in the war on terror, so maybe we can help make their efforts a little more bearable,” said Zafiropoulos.

Not only does “Shell” know a little about growing up in a small town (she was born in Ft. Collins, CO), she also has extensive business experience. She worked with her father who co-created the wildly successful “Ashworth” line of upscale golf clothing, as well as began several lines of merchandise on her own. This package not only has the history but the genes as well.