HomeVestors of America, Inc., the company famous for its “We Buy Ugly Houses”® billboards and America’s #1 Home Buyer, has awarded its first associate franchise to Scott Arnold, of Dallas. Arnold is the first home-based franchisee for the nation’s largest home buyer, kicking off a new program for the franchisor that is expected to rapidly grow the brand.

“This marks a new era for HomeVestors and for franchising,” said John Hayes, president and CEO of HomeVestors. “Companies must continually look for innovative ways to grow their services and their market share, all while helping the customers who need them most. The associate franchise program will do just that. And awarding this opportunity to Scott is an entry into real estate investing under the most-recognized brand that he will champion for many more who follow.”

Hayes said the new opportunity will allow people to experience the HomeVestors business for a smaller entry fee and less overhead. Associate franchisees can operate from home, buy fewer properties than full-time franchisees, and begin a career with HomeVestors on a smaller scale even while maintaining other careers.

Arnold, a real estate broker in Dallas for more than five years, had researched the HomeVestors franchise opportunity before.

“I’ve always been interested in the business,” Arnold said. But the financial requirements and the commitment to make HomeVestors a full-time occupation with additional employees and overhead was a hurdle to his entry. Until now.