Pizzas of Eight

photo credit: wEnDaLicious

In 1986 Chuck Mcmillen founded Pizzas of eight after year’s of family pizza business and pizza hut experience. Teaming up with some great chefs and ingredients specialist’s around, they are delivering a tastier slice of heaven to everyone who orders upon them.

Pizzas of Eight have the best and freshest ingredients around in the pizza business and some of the lowest prices. Pizzas of eight are currently looking for new franchises to open up in the St.Louis market. While there is no mention of any franchise fees for this opportunity, they do prove to have a well oiled method of marketing their business…word of mouth for one! Their pizza is so tasty that news travel’s extremely fast and bring’s in more and more people to experience their goodness.

As a franchise owner you can choose from opening up a compact store for a smaller location or a complete pizza galley. To check out this great opportunity and get in the market for this tasty business or to just request your free extra information regarding this opportunity visit their website.

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