AmeriPlan USA, a business which specializes in discount healthcare, has been helping members all over the US save on healthcare since 1992. What makes them really unique is how they sell their memberships. Rather than handling them on their own, their discount memberships are sold through representatives.

Although she has only been with AmeriPlan for 1 month, Suzzette Drake is already enjoying the benefits that come with the opportunity. I’ve recently spoken with her about the membership options as well as the business opportunity.

Why did you choose to join AmeriPlan USA over any other direct sales opportunities available to you?

There are many different benefits to joining AmeriPlan. These are the ones that attracked me to the business:

* Daily Pay
* Part-time or full-time work available immediately
* Benefits for you and your entire household
* 401(k) Plan
* Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
* POTENTIAL to earn $800 to $2000 a month to start
* FREE Training
* FREE Live Support
* No experience required

Also I figured even if I don’t sell anything with the business, I had really good ways to save, even when I do my regular shopping. Places like WalMart, Target and much more, when I shop, I save because I am an AmeriPlan USA broker! Not to mention the free discount healthcare that comes with the business package!

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