Woman Carves Biz Niche For Female Bikers


Buying a comfortable motorcycle isn’t easy if you’re a 5-foot tall woman. Most motorcycles are manufactured for men.

But a petite pastor, Kathleen Steele Tolleson of Daytona Beach, has created Roar Motorcycles for Women — catering strictly to female riders. From diamond-tufted seats and matching saddlebags to custom colors and artwork on lowered and modified bikes, Roar’s showroom is crowded with specialty creations for this growing segment of motorcycle buyers.

The Bellevue Avenue shop is where the energetic biker spends most of her time, except when she’s out riding — like during Biketoberfest last week, when she rolled in with her entourage to introduce a designer line of bikes, called “Distinctively Roar,” at the Festival of Speed at the Orlando Ritz-Carlton.

Or on Friday when she hosted a “Sisterhood Ride” for many different women riders clubs.

“I want to be the Martha Stewart of the motorcycle industry,” Tolleson said in an interview.

Photo by Roar Motorcycles for Women.

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