KEM World Franchise Exhibition: Venue Of Opportunity For The Franchising Sector

Franchise Key:

Greece is an advanced market, with a dynamic, evolving Franchising sector, offering significant opportunities for the development of international chains. The country hosts one of the most important franchising exhibitions in the world.

The KEM World Franchise Exhibition will take place from the 20th until the 23rd of February 2009 in Athens, for the 11th consecutive year and it is organized by KEM – Exhibitions & Trade Shows S.A. The 11th KEM World Franchise Exhibition will be held at the Exhibition & Conference Centre of Attica (HELEXPO PALACE) and is expected to attract a record number of exhibitors and visitors both from Greece and abroad.

Last year’s Exhibition was visited by more than 18.000 individuals from 30 countries (Cyprus, Spain, France, G. Britain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Latvia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, Uruguay, Brazil, Singapore, Mexico, S. Africa, Egypt, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Australia), while it hosted more than 200 concepts, 60 out of which were from the international market, representing 17 countries (Greece, Cyprus, B. Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Latvia, USA, Canada, Uruguay, Brazil and Singapore). In total more than 70% of international exhibitors have found a Master Franchisor and have already expanded their network in Greece.

This year, the number of visitors is expected to increase due to the growing number of exhibitors and the variety of concepts they will have the chance to explore. The increased exhibitor attendance in KEM 2009 will provide visitors with multiple concept options to choose from.

The 11th KEM World Franchise Exhibition is organized under the auspices of the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce, the Franchise Association of Greece, the European Franchise Federation (EFF) and the World Franchise Council (WFC).

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