Athena Sex Toy Home Party Business

Sex-Toy Parties In The Privacy Of Home

Sex Toy Parties in The Privacy of Home

Carin Kronheim, a sex-toy party salesgirl, greets all of her clients with a smile and not a smirk.

Kronheim knows how to make her customers feel at ease while showing them the latest in sex-toy products.

She starts the night at her client’s house by playing a game, passing out 10 pieces of candy corn and pink M&M’s to the seven wide-eyed women in the room.

“Every time I mention a sexual organ, you have to eat a piece of candy. First person to finish their candy wins,” Kronheim instructs the audience.

Ten minutes later, the game has been won. Kronheim extends the purple bag filled with prizes to the lucky winner, who in turn pulls out a small bottle of lotion.

Now that everyone in the room is feeling comfortable, Kronheim brings out the toys.

There they are, in every shade of the girly rainbow. There’s purple, scented candles, a red heart-shaped massager and of course, baby-pink sex toys.

The party guests are then allowed to touch, grab, sniff and even taste some of the sex toy products. Nothing is off-limits; nothing is “taboo.”

Sex-toy parties have become increasingly popular among American men and women. According to a study presented to the American Sociological Association, Americans spend about $1.2 billion dollars a year on sex toys.

In recent years, the adult toy industry has seen a huge surge in the number of female-owned sex toy party companies, like Athena’s Home Novelties. WARNING – You must be 18 or older to visit this site.

These companies often model their business strategy after the “Tupperware party” method. After the sex-toy show, salespeople are supposed to recruit men and women to work for their company, usually by showing them a brief informational video and answering questions.

Kronheim is just one of 2,000 “goddesses” working independently for Athena’s Home Novelties, a sex-toy party company based in Rhode Island. Selling sex toys literally door-to-door gives Kronheim, a UCF marketing sophomore, the freedom to set her own hours while making a little extra cash on the side.

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