Why Christmas Is Ideal For Making Your Franchise Investment Decision

The Franchise Magazine:

Many franchisors report that over the Festive Season enquiries from potential franchisees reduce, with their thoughts turning to matters such as their holiday arrangements rather than a future career or business. Some individuals prefer the security of a full time employed position with the benefits of a Christmas bonus.

However, if that bonus did not arrive, or was not as much as expected, employees might start to look for an alternative career and that could be franchising. Even if the bonus was large enough, if the employee was not happy the bonus money could act as an incentive to become their own boss and possibly become a franchisee. The employee could use the bonus as a contribution to the franchise costs and borrow the remainder. As a result Christmas could be one of the most active periods for franchising. This is because any extra time a prospective franchisee has on their hands could be used to research franchising and to search for their ideal franchisor.

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