Kyani is native Eskimo word meaning “Strong Medicine” Why this word for this product? Alaskan Wild Blueberries! Blueberry has been used for centuries as a potent natural remedy and health producing natural food source. According to modern science blueberries have more disease fighting antioxidants than any other fruit. In Dr. Steven Pratt ’’s best selling book “Fourteen Foods that will change your life – Super Foods RX” Blueberries are listed as one of the 3 major Super Foods that will change your life and your health. Dr. Pratt also explains in his book that Wild Blueberries contain more antioxidants than cultivated varieties. Not all blueberries are created equal! The “Super Blueberry” because of its harsh growing conditions (extreme cold, long days of sunlight, etc.) put on a protective skin containing 10 times the antioxidants than its cultivated cousins.

Vital Choices Article “BLUEBERRIES FOUND TO FIGHT CANCER AND INFECTION”… Recent research offers good news on the color-borne benefits of wild blueberries. The new study shows that sterol compounds in blueberries inhibit cancer in the first, or initiation stage, while their anthocyanin pigments can halt cancer in the critical promotion and proliferation stages. The evidence suggests that antioxidants or bioactive compounds are best acquired through whole-food consumption. So, enjoy colorful berries at will, but take a pass on expensive berry pills.

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