Small Business Trends:

I’m not a big fan of Christmas and Year-end Holiday cards. They are not only expensive, but boring and predictable.

Every year I look for creative marketing ideas that won’t break the bank, but will break through the clutter that my poor clients are dealing with.

This year, I thought it would be fun to share some of the creative ideas I’ve found along the way.

1. Dress up your website or blog logo like Google.

2. Try Personalizing or Customizing.

3. Meet Your customers half-way.

4. Create a Video Card on your site or on YouTube.

5. Give your best customers a digital picture frame loaded with images of the team that usually services them.

6. Create 12-days of “your product”.

7. Write a free (industry specific) downloadable Holiday Survival guide for your customers.

8. Write your own “Holiday Story.”

9. Create a real-life or a digital “Holiday Tree” decorated with your organization’s features and benefits.

10. Commission a special holiday greeting.

Photo by trohaa.

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