Why do those top brands rank highest in search engine results? It is not dumb luck. They hire SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firms to make it happen. It is important to optimize your website for the best search engine results possible, but many small and medium sized businesses simply can not afford the same services which larger companies purchase.

Vizad noticed this problem, and did something about it. With the launch of LotusJump many of those same small and medium sized businesses may now get the SEO service they need. LotusJump is a do-it-yourself style service which allows companies to handle their own SEO needs.

Starting today and ending December 12th, 2008 Vizad is giving our readers a 30% discount on LotusJump. Valued at $99 per month, you will be able to take advantage of this SEO solution for only $69 per month. To receive your discount you must forward your confirmation email to [email protected], and they will apply the discount.

I have recently had the opportunity to ask Jana Eliason, the Marketing Coordinator for Vizad, a few questions about LotusJump and learn a little more about the company behind this service.

What was the inspiration behind LotusJump?

LotusJump was inspired by the fact that there are thousands of small businesses nationwide that would benefit from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but either don’t know how to do it on their own, or cannot afford to outsource. We wanted to provide a tool that would reduce the learning curve of SEO and make it accessible to a larger demographic.

After the idea had been formed, how long did it take for the idea to reach the point where it would be ready to market?

Taking LotusJump from the “cool idea stage” to the “functional service stage” took around six months.

Who should purchase LotusJump? Why?

If you’ve ever wanted to know how or where to do your own SEO, LotusJump is the service you’ve been waiting for. LotusJump was specifically designed for individuals or small businesses that need SEO, but don’t necessarily have the resources (or desire) to pay professional SEO agencies to do it for them. LotusJump is ideal for anyone that wants to do their own SEO and has a couple hours a week to dedicate to it.

This day in age, people won’t be looking for your business in the YellowPages, they’ll be looking for it online. Since so much of today’s business is being conducted through the internet, a strong online presence can often make or break a company’s success. LotusJump helps you build that online presence by showing you how and where to improve your website rankings. The more LotusJump tasks you complete, the faster your rankings will improve…and the faster you improve your rankings, the faster you’ll find online success.

What are some of the other services offered at Vizad?

Vizad, Inc. is a full service Internet marketing firm, which means we provide search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click management, social media optimization (SMO), reputation management and copywriting for our clients. We also provide corporate training for businesses who wish to bring their internet marketing efforts in-house.

What kind of reaction has LotusJump received since its launch on September 22nd?

The reception has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re receiving terrific feedback from early adopters that directly influences the new features we add to the development queue. We’ve had users say that LotusJump “demystifies the dark art of SEO,” that it’s “empowering,” and that it is overall “a brilliant piece of work.” The positive reaction is largely due to the fact that no other software makes difficult SEO practices, like link building, so easy and so efficient.

What is included in the purchase of LotusJump? How much does it cost?

When you sign up for LotusJump, you get a personalized account that is automatically populated with actionable SEO tasks. These tasks are updated on a daily basis to ensure that you have access to the newest, most cutting edge SEO resources available. LotusJump also has a terrific support team to assist with any questions you may have. Access to these professional SEO resources costs a fraction of the $1,000-5,000 SEO agency fees, at only $99/month.

How does this service individualize itself from the competition?

The biggest difference is that LotusJump isn’t just a toolkit or an SEO dashboard. It does more than give you data and information. LotusJump takes things a step further by showing you exactly where and how to do SEO effectively–like how to build links or benefit from online social communities. Another benefit to Lotus Jump is that it was designed specifically for individuals who have no prior SEO experience, unlike other tools that are much less beginner-friendly. LotusJump is the most intuitive, simple and effective tool on the market.

Does Vizad have any plans for expansion on this service or any of the other services you offer?

Absolutely! We’re adding new features to LotusJump on a regular basis. Currently in development, are 1) the addition of new types of SEO tasks and 2) improved reporting tools within the account. We’re constantly striving to make LotusJump as effective and user-friendly as humanly possible.

If you were to specify one do-it-yourself tip everyone should implement, what would it be and why?

We would suggest becoming active in your industry’s online community. Find bloggers that blog about your services/products and build genuine relationships with them by contributing thoughtful comments and ideas. Networking in your online community can open doors to new business leads, improved online visibility and mutually beneficial relationships.

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