Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Franchisees Awarded Top Honors

Franchise Wire:

Clockwork Home Services, Inc. (Clockwork) recently honored several Benjamin Franklin Plumbing (Benjamin Franklin) franchisees for their outstanding achievements as part of the company’s 2008 Congress.

The annual event, held this year on Oct. 15-17 in Washington, DC, brought together over 600 contractors and business owners from Clockwork’s various franchised brands to learn best practices for consistency in operations and performance and the systems and tools necessary to take each franchise to the next level of success. An awards event capped off a highly successful year by honoring top performers in Clockwork’s Mister Sparky America’s On-time Electrician, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchises.

Steve and Lisa Pahler of Atascadero, CA, won the top honor of “Benjamin Franklin Franchisee of the Year,” for best demonstrating the ability to run their business at an exceptionally high level and for significant growth in annual sales. The Pahlers achieved 235.8% growth over the previous year and 30% profitability.

The “Benjamin Franklin Fastest Growing Franchise” is owned by Bill McDaniel in Arlington, TX. McDaniel grew revenues by $500,000 over 2007, representing a 53.8% growth rate.

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