Market Watch:

Approaching the winter of this nation’s economic struggle, Jen Groover, fashion entrepreneur and creator of the handbag company Butler Bag LLC, credits her industry success going into the holiday season by adapting to the trend of consumers creating more worth for what they’re wearing.

Brand evolutionists like Jen Groover are meeting this need by providing solution-driven products like her most popular concept, a completely compartmentalized handbag collection, the Butler Bag. Giants of the fashion industry have been hit by the economic climate resulting in a leveling of the field — a shift in the brands consumers are buying. Jen Groover instantly recognized this shift and conquered it with the Butler Bag, a handbag collection that not only has an aesthetic value, but a functional attribute and a savvy price point.

The Butler Bag LLC became a multi-million dollar company in less than two years and is being tracked as one of the fastest growing handbag brands. The Butler Bag’s versatile and stylish collection simplifies women’s lives in ways they never imaged with the famous patent compartmentalized interior.

“This is an invigorating time for all industries and I see it as a great opportunity for those able to adapt and willing to take chances coming out on top,” Jen Groover remarks. “We need to think of the recession as a time to battle complacency with innovation and evolution.”

Logo from Butler Bag.

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