24-7 Press Release:

As a modern tribute to the ancient roots of Schizandra, Kiiera introduces VIV : the only supplement to combine the healing herb Schizandra with a number of adaptogenic botanicals in clinically efficacious quantities to maximize benefits through an exclusive, patent-pending formula.

VIV is the first of its kind—an all-natural, caffeine-free energy enhancer packed with potent benefits. According to ancient Asian medicine, Schizandra may be used by everyone to restore and replenish core mental, emotional and physical power sources (known as the five energies).

With its focus upon combining a life-sustaining vital energy (“qi” or “ki”) from ancient Asian roots, and the concept of a new era of health and success, Kiiera steps out of the mold of conventional health technologies.

And, through the extremely efficient business model of Direct Sales, Kiiera delivers the synergy of rare, potent, versatile botanicals to consumers and independent affiliates around the world.

Image from VIV.