Naperville Sun:

The news about businesses closing has become almost cliché these days, along with updates about the sputtering economy.

But like the biblical Lazarus, one Naperville woman’s business has returned from the dead. Back by popular demand, Tracy Paulson, 42, owner of Creating Your Style, reopened her store during the first week of November after closing her doors this past August.

The single mother of two boys said that after her lease ran out this summer, pressure from a struggling economy forced her to continue her fashion accessory business by working from her home and through Internet sales. But the ensuing customer demand changed all that.

“I’ve had probably 100 requests over the past few months to reopen the store, and because I’m a single mom, I wanted to have hours when my kids were busy at school, and then I could work,” Paulson said. “I was open to restructuring the company, and now I am renting space from the person who is the tenant in my old location. I’ve got about 500 square feet now, and I’m making this work.”

Logo from Creating Your Style.