Just Moulding, a home improvement company founded in 2005 by Mark Rubin and Kevin Wales is now offering franchise opportunities to potential franchisees across the U.S. Recently, the company sold its first franchise, which is located in Boston, and will open in early 2009. In addition, Just Moulding moved into a new corporate office space with a state-of-the-art workshop.

“We are excited about the many things that are happening with our company in all areas. As our local business grows, our new headquarters and workshop will support the increase in business as well as being used to support our franchisees, and we are thrilled that our first franchise will be launching in the coming weeks in Boston,” said Mark Rubin, CEO. The new location will house a training facility, franchise support and a centralized call center.

With fluctuations in the market for new home sales, more homeowners are choosing to invest in their current home. “Consumers are predicted to continue spending money on their homes, and our concept focuses on existing homes, which may be a little older and in need of renovations or some additional personality,” explains Rubin. “Plus, the average moulding job is in a much lower price range compared to a more extensive remodeling like an addition or kitchen renovation.”

Logo from Just Moulding.