The best new life hack business ideas spotted in the last 12 months–smart concepts that will continue to provide entrepreneurs with plenty of opportunities in 2009.

1. ModerNash – Niche delivery biz brings IKEA to Nashville
2. Ticket to Mind – Gift-giving simplified through a prepaid plan
3. Babyplays – Toy rental service
4. Insinger de Beaufort – Private banking by shoebox
5. Wigadoo – Event planning site helps friends split the costs
6. Laundry Locker – Laundry service by the locker
7. TrackMyShipments – Helping consumers track shipped packages
8. Rypple – Professional feedback, instant and peer-to-peer
9. WeightNags – Nagging service for dieters
10. Figuring Out – Career sampling service

Photo by ba1969.

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