Be An Entrepreneur: It’s Less Risky

While everyone generally think’s that securing a good paying job with benefits is the ticket in life, Marc Cramer would strongly disagree with this idea. This is no longer the case like it was years and years — there are no guarantees anymore when it comes to your job.

photo credit: fdecomite

If you’re an employee, when that job with the benefits, 401K and stock options goes belly up, you loose everything. Where are you then?

But, when in business for yourself you no longer have to worry about someone firing you, or laying you off. Your job is secure as long as you want it to be. In addition, entrepreneurs tend to look at more than one revenue stream rather then banking everything on one salary.

They never want to bet all of their money on a single service or product because they know the odds are very good that the revenue projections won’t be met; the product/service will become obsolete; or others will enter the field, which will dilute the price.

How has your job let you down so far in terms of where you thought you would be?

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