Inside SAP Magazine:

7-Eleven Stores (Pty Ltd) has gone live with a new implementation of SAP Business Intelligence (BI), building upon and extending the company’s SAP platform. The BI implementation is part of a phased IT roadmap for the retailer and franchisor, designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of both the company and the 7-Eleven franchisees, by automating business processes, providing visibility and delivering analytic capability.

The initial roll out of SAP BI will deliver improved reporting and analytical capabilities to approximately 140 merchandising, marketing, supply chain and operational managers. The system will be used to provide improved store level reporting in 2009.

7-Eleven Stores has implemented SAP BI 7 in conjunction with SAP POS Data Manager (POSDM) and SAP BI Accelerator.

7-Eleven Stores is a privately owned company in Australia with more than 370 franchised fuel and convenience stores throughout New South Wales, Victoria and Southern Queensland.

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