Toilet Paper is Not Recession Proof?

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There are some things that you just assume are recession proof. Toilet paper seems like something that people just need to continue buying regardless. I mean, it’s not like people are going to use yesterday newspaper, right? Or are they?

Advertising Age is reporting that sales of toilet paper are down 5.5% from the previous quarter:

Consumers appear to be staying away from buying larger packs in addition to buying cheaper private labels, Mr. Falk said in a conference call with analysts today. “They are conserving cash and don’t want to build any household inventory,” he said. “And things like [paper] towels and facial tissue, which are a little more discretionary, if you [run out] at home, it goes on the list, but … it may wait till the next purchase cycle.”

Discretionary, really?

You can tell the fiscal health of a company is in bad shape when they drastically reduce the quality of the toilet paper they stock in their restrooms. I’ve actually experienced this as an employee. One day it was the single ply and the next day it was pink slips.

Not that there’s any reason to buy colored toilet paper or fancy dispensers, but decent toilet paper is just good customer service.

I’ll know we’re in trouble if my wife starts dispensing single squares at the bathroom door.

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