Starting A Home-Based Consulting Biz

Susan Pascal At LA Working Moms Examiner:

Thanks to the current economic downturn plus accrued expenses, it became necessary for me to get back into the work force.

However, I wasn’t interested in leaving home or working 15-hour days. That could potentially undo all of the good I’ve accomplished as a stay-at-home mom, not to mention the cost of full-time daycare.

So, I decided to utilize my skills as a publicist to start a consulting business, working out of my home.

Love the idea of a home-based business but not sure where to begin?

The Internet is an incredible resource. I have discovered through my research that there are a multitude of websites that provide all kinds of advice from “choosing a business that’s right for you” to “thriving in a slow economy.”

There are also lots of forums to explore that give you an opportunity to speak with and ask questions of other like-minded women. Facebook is a great place to begin networking.

Photo by Pascal Publicity.

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