Un rien l'habille !!!!!
photo credit: alpha du centaure

Social networking is kind of like building a house, you need a good frame base to start on. Plans drawn up as to where you want your business to go and what you want it to ultimately achieve. Once you have a good solid frame started, you need to consider your action steps.

What next steps and tactics are you going to use in order to achieve those goals and plans you blue printed. Next you need good measurability. You need to set up front the specific plan on how your going to track the progress of your plans, the number of comments posted, requests, new members, etc.

The “E” in Fame rests on both execution and engagement. Ask any great coach, and they will tell you the best plan will fail without superior execution. To do social networking well, you must have dedicated people and processes. Without the right people in place (and support from the highest levels of your organization), you won’t generate the quality and quantity of content necessary to stay relevant.

How did you achieve your social networking fame?