What's Hot in Organic Beauty? YOGA Magazine Chooses Softress Fragrance-free Body Oils


Softress fragrance-free and chemical-free body oils for chemically sensitive skin (http://www.softress.com) are featured in this month’s YOGA Magazine special section, “What’s Hot in Organic Beauty.”

Softress’s benefits for sensitive skin and very dry skin are earning 5-star reviews on Amazon.com and PristinePlanet.com, an “eco-friendly comparison shopping” site. One reviewer notes: “My facial skin is very dry and sensitive to many products…. I am very happy to have discovered Softress products, as they are the answer to my sensitive skin issues.” Another writes: “I have finally found a product for super dry hands that really works…. After suffering my whole adult life with very dry hands, I can rely on SoftHands to keep my hands lovely and smooth. Even my manicurist has commented on my improved hands and cuticles!”

YOGA Magazine Editor Vanessa Vasquez notes that the magazine researches beauty companies extensively before featuring them in the magazine. Companies must offer a unique, sustainable product and be signatories of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. “We are very selective in who we offer editorial to. The beauty line must match our consumers. . . . Softress has made a fantastic beauty line that is committed to the natural and organic philosophy.”

“Mompreneur” Nina Birnbaum founded Softress with products she developed to manage her daughter’s eczema and condition her dry, curly hair. When her daughter developed pre-diabetes, Ms. Birnbaum spent several years researching the links between diabetes and the topical steroids used to treat eczema. An eczema resources page (http://www.softress.com/eczema_information.php) presents this information along with natural eczema management techniques. Ms. Birnbaum, treated for breast cancer in 2006, has also written a comprehensive resource guide for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer (http://www.softress.com/breastcancer.php). Softress is based in New York City.

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