Pajama Businesses

293/365: New pajamas
photo credit: Mr.Thomas

Wouldn’t it be great to be in business for self? You wake up in the morning, you get your cup of coffee, get your newspaper, put on your slippers and go into your office. All day long you work while relaxing in your pajamas and reclining office chair. What a great dream huh? Well, it can most certainly become a reality for most people who put their mind to it. Below is a list of a few businesses that you can start from home and work in your pajamas!

  • Pet care Pet care is the sixth fastest growing industry in the nation. You can operate a pet care business from your home with potential for online stores, pet sitting services, dog walking services and more.
  • Virtual assistant With the growing internet based businesses out there, there is a strong growing need for VA’s.
  • Bargain hunting website Today everyone is looking for great deals on practically everything they shop for. A bargain hunting website offering daily deal’s is a great pajama business.
  • Accounting services It is no longer a time where you HAVE to go to H & R block for your tax purposes, accounting services are great online businesses.
  • Graphic design services This is most definitely a great online pajama business. There are hundreds of people in need for graphic designs of all kinds.
  • Resume writing “Given the dismal job opportunities at many companies right now, job-seekers are looking for any and every way to distinguish themselves from the competition,” said Inc. Magazine.

Do you know of other great pajama businesses to start-up?

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