Avoiding Pitfalls of Social Networking

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photo credit: jelene

Many entrepreneurs are involved in several personal and business for many purposes. But these forums, even personal ones, not only generate a status for you personally, but can reflect on your business as well.

Many people will google someone’s name to find information on them before associating with them or even before doing business with them.

Yes, what you write may be on a personal forum on the web and of a personal nature that does not pertain to your business, but that doesn’t stop it from coming up in someone’s or a business’ search engine and allowing them to read what ever it may be about.

So to avoid any possible pitfalls and make sure you keep your content on personal forums of a professional manner. Also, when adding any pictures make sure it’s a picture that you feel comfortable with. A good rule of thumb: if you don’t want your grandmother to view it, then don’t post it.

It’s important for PR purposes to utilize social networking sites, but it’s just as important to be smart about how you utilize them.

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