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In January, Apple announced it had launched over 15,000 applications on its iPhone. In two months, that number has already jumped to 25,000.

VentureBeat used public information and findings from 148Apps to analyze pricing and popularity trends.

– The most popular pricepoint is $0.99, not free. (Interesting!) Some 10,274 applications cost $0.99 versus 6,044 that are gratis. (Most developers would have to sell a ton of applications to make any real money; it’s definitely a labor of love for most developers.)

– Unlike the BlackBerry applications, which cost a minimum of $2.99, 80 percent of iPhone apps are $1.99 or less.

– Apparently there is a market for expensive applications: Apps priced at $9.99 are the sixth-most popular on the iPhone (there are now 700 of them).

– Games are the most popular type of app (5,263), followed by entertainment (3,497), and books (2,405). The least popular? Weather.

How much would it cost to buy every single iPhone application? About $71,442.69.

Photo by Niels van Eck.

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