Shake Things Up


One of the dangers of web working is that of getting stuck in a rut.

Not that people working in traditional settings aren’t also affected by this professional pitfall.

In fact, web workers are probably better off than most because more decisions about how and where we work are generally left up to us.

Even so, it’s important to change up your routine every now and again.

My latest shift has taken me out into the community, not for a coworking solution, but for a sort of rediscovery of the place in which I live, with my professional life along for the ride.

I got a couple of inexpensive memberships to local museums, including the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

It’s a lot cheaper than renting office space or splitting on a coworking venue, a lot more interesting than Starbucks, and I’m free to loiter without shame for as long as I want.

Photo by jfer.

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