My Nokia N800 Desktop
photo credit: timsamoff

The month of March holds great opportunity for business owners all over to enjoy 4 different free webinars on marketing. We could all use a little advice and help in the marketing world, especially during tough times when everyone is searching for new way’s to market their business/product.

●Mad traffic webinar. This webinar holds info on power blogging, becoming a social media expert and other proven way’s of driving more traffic.
●Mad copy. This holds info on email subject lines, common copy mistakes to avoid and more copy skills to close sales and increase revenue.
●Mad website. This webinar holds info on 10 second marketing, why your website is critical and skills you need to create a great website.

● Mad money.  How to instantly attract new customers. Techniques for increasing the profit margin of each sale. Super successful marketing campaigns that are worth their weight in gold. How we helped one business double their sales in just 72 days. And many other ideas for making mad money.