David Gaines has been a franchisee for only four years, but he and his partners now own one of the largest geographical areas of franchises in Unishippers. Encompassing Greensboro, Louisville, Orlando, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Washington, D.C., this wide territory brings with it both advantages and challenges, according to David.

“The obvious challenge is the frequent pace of travel,” says David, “usually about eight days a month.” Another challenge is maintaining an active presence in all of the sales offices and markets, not to mention constant communication between him and his management teams. David says he’s also constantly hiring, training and developing people through Unishippers’ 12-week training program.

On the other hand, a large territory has the benefit of an endless stream of geographical opportunities and an enormous customer base into which the company can tap. David says they can also leverage resources in areas such as administrative operations, which he outsources to Gulf Coast Shippers in New Orleans.