Secretary Clinton Attends Women Leaders Dinner
photo credit: U.S. Department of State

When some managers reach the point in their careers where they no longer have the option to rely on their skill’s to continue up the corporate ladder, they find themselves in a great dismay. Now what? Now they rely on someone else taking control. The number one saying that most of us hear even today is “show some leadership”. But how?

Some say this feels like “the ground opening up beneath them.” All certainties disappear and you have to master a whole new set of skills. If you have built your career on ticking off a to-do list every day, this can be terrifying.

Here is a few thing’s to help you in showing some leadership. Be aware in that of knowing your own strengths and limitations. Have a plan ahead of a time, know where your going and what your next step is to get there.

Build relationships. Deliver in the respect of make sure you get thing’s done, don’t beat around the bush. Have integrity and good values along the way. Your values ultimately define who you are and show people why they should be working for you.

Can you think of some way’s to show leadership?