Franchising Continues To Show Signs Of Life, But Knowing What Sectors Are Hot May Mean Going Back To School

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While the stock market, housing market, banking industry and more recently, Corporate America, all work aggressively to recover, franchising continues to show signs of promise and sustainability for entrepreneurs, multi-unit operators, retirees and people who still believe in the American dream of ownership. The challenge is finding the right concept, not only for the times we live in, but a concept that will outlast fads, thrive long-term and that is good for you.

The International Franchise Association says it expects growth in both the fast-food and table-service eateries at 1.5 and 1.3 percent respectively, for 2009. According to The NPD Group, concepts that cater to midday indulgences, snacking and grab-and-go options between traditional day parts, are hot. Snacking, for example, now accounts for 21 percent of all meals. “Fun” foods, bold flavors and innovative shapes are also selling well thanks to the 16-28 year-old Gen Y segment.

The Franchise U Tour
“There are no less than 3,000 franchise concepts in business today,” explains Jason Mann, an area developer and Planet Smoothie franchisee. “Once you have decided franchising is how you will earn your livelihood, choosing the right franchise can be daunting. So our intention with the Franchise U Tour is to expose potential franchisees not only to Planet Smoothie, but to the idea and advantages of franchising.”

Starting in Tallahassee, Florida, Planet Smoothie will host eight Franchise U sessions across the Southeast including Atlanta, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, Jacksonville and Ft. Myers. Jason Mann, who has a long-standing franchising history and Tanya Mareno, who is an expert in franchise sales covering casual dining, fast casual, healthy, coffee and youth concepts, across every day part, will lead an interactive discussion around the principles of successful franchising, from identifying cult brands, to understanding regional vs national brands, to sectors that are hot, to building a winning team and the importance of the necessary infrastructure for franchise support. Attendees will sample the latest, greatest products from Planet Smoothie and learn what it means to have a cult brand. More.

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