James, I think your cover's blown!
photo credit: laverrue

David Silverman recently did an article on 11 different habits of the worst boss he’s ever had. We spend so much time concentrating on the habit’s and attitudes that we think a good boss should have, but what about their bad traits? Those should not go un-noticed, we should also work on those.

A few habits you may want to stray from are listed here courtesy of Mr. Silverman. Leave your employees guessing, changing your mind 30 time’s a day and creating frustration all around. Giving to much direction. If you don’t like something then just say so, you don’t need to explain it into the ground.

Forcing employees to go to all of your meeting’s but then you don’t let them say a word during it. Sending urgent email’s at 2 in the morning…they wont get it anyway until you open up shop.

Agree to deadlines and then accelerate them. Ask loudly from the hallway if the document is ready at 4:59pm. Announce: “I’m here late tonight if you want to finish it up.”

Do you have habits from a bad boss of your’s to share?