stock market crash babe
photo credit: mudpig

Today it is no surprise that business’ are facing uncertainty about their business all around. It is almost impossible not to face it at some point in a recession. However, maybe business’ are being held accountable for these uncertainties that are out of their control.

Take for example the economy down turn, this causes many uncertainties such as customer needs, customer’s want’s, technological possibilities, distribution channels and the viability of an already existing business model. These are all examples of an uncertainty that is out of the business’ hands.

There are certain forms of uncertainty that one can not plan for, especially if it involves a recession or shift in the economy and customer shopping habits. In this case of uncontrollable uncertainties I would suggest that one do the best they can with what they have to pull their business through it as quickly as possible and overcome.

Perhaps the model for future discussions of corporate performance will have to begin to look a lot more like the models we have been using to deliver new businesses and innovation. To me, this implies a radically different approach to assessing and analyzing performance, potentially even re-thinking the way we judge and assess corporate performance.

What are some uncertainties that your facing this year?