Does a mompreneur really differ from any other entrepreneur? That was the question I was asked by Entrepreneur a number of years ago. I still get asked that question whenever I tell someone about my column, and my answer is a resounding “Yes.” Our motivation, work style and ideas all stem from motherhood. Here are some of the ways we’re different.

Where we find inspiration

Many women who never would have thought of themselves as entrepreneurs are startled by the ideas spurred by motherhood. You realize all kinds of needs that aren’t being met and constantly think there must be a better way.

How we work

First off, there is no blanket generalization of mompreneurs. I know some who work a few hours a day and others who have worked diligently to create an empire. But, most of those I interview tell me they’re mompreneurs so they can call their own shots. Most shy away from traditional 9-to-5 hours. They work during the fringe hours of the day so they can spend precious time with their kids.

Where we work

Most mompreneurs I encounter work from home (or at least start out that way). They spare themselves the commute to the office, and they don’t have to get babysitters to be there when their babies are at home napping.

Why we work

There are many reasons why mompreneurs go into business. Some want to bring in a little extra money. Some want to have something stimulating and rewarding that they can do beyond motherhood. And others want to see a change in the world. While some mompreneurs do experience huge financial success, most don’t go into business expecting it.

Photo by mirimcfly