Kidswear brand Toon Kidz is looking to scale up its presence from 28 outlets to 150 by the end of this year. “The company is geared up to have 150 EBOs in the current year. We will have these EBOs opened in A and B cities of India,” said Venkat RV, MD, Toon Kidz to IndiaRetailing.

Meanwhile, most of the proposed stores will be franchisee-owned. “We are sure that franchising is the best suitable plan for the apparel industry. All the leading brands world wide follows the same route and it is a proven business model over a period of time,” added Venkat.

Talking further about the average investment per store, Venkat disclosed, “The investment required per store will be Rs 16 lakh to 25 lakh. The average retail space per store will be 1,000 square feet.”

Discussing the business model of Toon Kidz, Venkat informed, “Our company is offering minimum guaranteed returns on the project i.e., 18 per cent on the investments plus the total operational cost. This is a very strong point of the whole business model.”

About company’s overseas operations, Venkat said, “In the Gulf, we have our presence in 85 LFS formats and 3 EBOs are coming up. We have 6 EBO stores getting launched in Egypt.”