uncomfortable docking
photo credit: mugley

In business, shipping is kind of like cleaning your house. No one wants to deal with it or talk about it, but everyone has to put up with it and do the best they can. Some entrepreneurs find shipping to be quite a challenge as no one vendor or system fit’s anyone completely.

When choosing your shipping system, ask lots of question’s, and not just questions regarding expenses. Ask about morning pick ups, paperwork involved, different services and if they have way’s of tracking your shipment recently talked about on Entrepreneur.com.

Don’t add extra padding to prices to off set shipping charges, this could end up costing you the sale in the end. As a perk/bonus, maybe once in a while choose a few select items that you offer free shipping on. Decide wether or not you will charge for returning or exchanging items.

Overall, it’s wise to remember that shipping is the last transaction you make with customers. A bad final impression means you won’t likely see customers return. A good experience is the equivalent of a warm smile and handshake, the beginning of a good relationship.

How do you handle your shipping system challenges?

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